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Pilates on the Ball

Do you like fun?   Do you hate gyms?  Would you like to improve your fitness with no impact on your joints but at the same time get all the benefits of high impact exercise:- tone up, burn calories, improve flexibility, balance and posture?  Well let us help you!

We would love to welcome you to try out a free, no obligation, Pilates on the Ball class.  Lots of variety and each class member works at their own pace with support from the instructor.  Fancy getting a ball for home, there are live tutorials and you will get lot's of ideas to repeat for yourself what you learn in class thus ensuring better results and accountability.

All you need to do is send us your details below and we will get right back to you with a health screening form, a free class voucher, days and times and privacy policy.

Can't wait to welcome you to class, but just be aware this class is very popular and gets booked up fast!!

Register for your free trial Pilates on the Ball Class below